Letter from Mr Armand ISRAEL

49 avenue Foch
75116 PARIS

Dear Sir,

I was delighted to attend your exhibition at Espace Beaurepaire in Paris on the 17th April 2012, and was pleasantly surprised by the quantum and quality of your work. I was also able to experience your “collages” on a separate occasion.

My position as an expert in this domain, being the legal beneficiary of Braque and curator of the George Braque Museum, enables me to give a relevant opinion which in your case is very positive.

You have perfectly acquired the spirit of Braque’s work, innovator of the “collages” and “papiers colles” methods alongside Picasso.

I have no doubt that you will very quickly be appreciated and recognised in the art world, where real talents are rare.

Wishing you success and all the best for the future.